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Starting to get colder

MN Weather

sunny 41 °F

Having just flown back from São Paulo, Brazil where the weather is still warm, it's definitely a contrast to the past couple days being back home where the temperature has certainly started to feel more wintry, rather than mid-late fall.

It was a beautiful sunny day to start, however, late afternoon, clouds started to cover the sky and the temperature dropped. Doesn't look like any of the suspected snow is going to hit here in the Twin Cities, but yesterday as I was watching some television, a few passing clouds did sprinkle some dusting of snow, and at time, the snow flakes were quite large and I couldn't see more than 20yards.

As much as I enjoy a colder night to sleep in, I"m just not ready for this winter yet as it seems spring was just yesterday. Did we even have a summer this year?

I have been trying to do plenty of updates to a few cities on where I have lived, as well as do updates on my past cruises. Maybe once I'm done doing those, I'll be able to write about a few of my favorite locations from my travels around the world.

Until Next Time,

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Only cruises on my map, none of my flights

Cruise yes, Flights no.

sunny 30 °F

Hope everyone has been enjoying me updating my travel experiences on HAL Rotterdam from Feb 2018. It's been fun to remember all the sites, sounds and fun excursions that I went on during my Caribbean trip.

While looking at my travel map, it may seem a bit empty, that's because I just want to have it show my ocean travels.

I have a feeling that if I were to add my air travels, I may be banned from the site as I have over 6,700,000 miles! (yes, I fly for a living, so my map would be quite hard to figure out and understand lol)

I do have to work (fly) to Sao Paulo tomorrow on Halloween, and return Sunday morning. I have a few more days to add to my Caribbean trip, then I can start on my other cruises.

I'll have to figure out some way to include a couple of photos on my blogs. I know a blog is better with pictures rather than just words....just takes time to find the right pics, then load them to the site.

Anyway, Happy Halloween, and....

Until Next Time,

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Good Morning

Just starting out, so please bare with me!

overcast 42 °F

Found this site while looking how to 'map' my cruises for my website. Who knows, maybe if things go well and I keep up with logging in and checking things out, maybe I'll blog about many of my travels from flying, cruising, or whatever.

Until then,


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Celebrity Eclipse

When & Where South America

sunny 80 °F

I'm looking forward to my awesome 10-Day South American Cruise.
Booking: 764457
Stateroom: 9172

Celebrity Eclipse is a Solstice-class cruise ship, operated by Celebrity Cruises. Holds up to 2,850 passengers and approximately 1,271 crew.
Crew to Passenger Ratio: 2.3:1
Built: 2010
Number of Decks: 13
Total Cabins: 1426
Cabin Categories: 11

Day 1 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Day 2 At Sea
Day 3 At Sea
Day 4 Santos (Sao Paulo), Brazil
Day 5 Ilhabela, Brazil
Day 6 Buzios, Brazil
Day 7 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 8 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 9 At Sea
Day 10 At Sea
Day 11 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Until Next Time,

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Day 22 - Sea Day

When & Where

sunny 80 °F

Last day at sea. This is when reality starts to set in.

Weather was a nice 80 °F and partly Cloudy.

Being your last day of a long cruise, this is generally the time when you start repacking your belongings and make sure anything you bought at any of your stops can fit into your luggage.

Since I had been on several dive trips, the first thing I did was to rewash all of my gear to ensure majority of the salt water had been rinsed off.

Checking your ships account, making sure there are no bogus entries, or your bill is settled in full. Since I had bought a beverage package, I spent the morning adding up all of my beverages and see if I actually saved money, or wasted money in having the package. (I came out about even, so I was happy)

Along with the premium wine package, there was one final Premium Wine Tasting that I went to, and learned about more pairings of wine, food, and cheeses.

Saying your goodbyes is never easy, especially when you make many good friends of all ages. Exchanges emails, facebook profiles, phone numbers, or enjoying your last meal together.

If there were any employees that stood out, this is a good time to seek them out specifically and give them any tips you see fit.

In the evening, it's hard to to see all the luggage lined up in the hallways for pick-up to be sorted out by the staff once you dock the next morning. Your last folder will also give you instructions on when you are to leave the ship, and if you have your own ride-share, where to meet before getting off the boat.

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