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October 2019

Only cruises on my map, none of my flights

Cruise yes, Flights no.

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Hope everyone has been enjoying me updating my travel experiences on HAL Rotterdam from Feb 2018. It's been fun to remember all the sites, sounds and fun excursions that I went on during my Caribbean trip.

While looking at my travel map, it may seem a bit empty, that's because I just want to have it show my ocean travels.

I have a feeling that if I were to add my air travels, I may be banned from the site as I have over 6,700,000 miles! (yes, I fly for a living, so my map would be quite hard to figure out and understand lol)

I do have to work (fly) to Sao Paulo tomorrow on Halloween, and return Sunday morning. I have a few more days to add to my Caribbean trip, then I can start on my other cruises.

I'll have to figure out some way to include a couple of photos on my blogs. I know a blog is better with pictures rather than just words....just takes time to find the right pics, then load them to the site.

Anyway, Happy Halloween, and....

Until Next Time,

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Good Morning

Just starting out, so please bare with me!

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Found this site while looking how to 'map' my cruises for my website. Who knows, maybe if things go well and I keep up with logging in and checking things out, maybe I'll blog about many of my travels from flying, cruising, or whatever.

Until then,


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