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Queen Mary 2

Sluggo's first cruise...er....Crossing

Being a flight attendant for a major U.S. carrier, I had never thought that I would ever get involved in traveling via a ship. That changed when I met a dear friend while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta a year prior, and became a great friend to an older gentleman and his friends.

After meeting him, as well as getting together in Napa Valley, he had invited me to join him in a Crossing. I was honored that he though of me, however he informed me that he initially had gotten an inside room, and had upgraded to an obstructed view balcony.

He informed me that since this was going to be a 'Crossing', there wasn't much to see out the balcony, and we really wouldn't be using the balcony as the Crossing was going to be in October from New York to South Hampton.

I had to quickly figure out a way to change my schedule around and find a way to go, and thankfully, I was able to. Meeting each other at LaGuardia airport and catching the bus to the New York port, we had gotten onto the ship and soon we were on the deck for our departure beverage and tea.

My friend had been on the Queen Mary once before, so he wanted to show me around and let me know where all the dining spots, restaurants, and bars we would be visiting for the week.

I was simply in awe when the bus pulled in front of the port, getting checked in and being told our key card was our ticket to EVERYTHING. We had found our room very easily, was promptly greeted by our room steward who introduced himself and his assistant, and allowed us to unpack and explore the room, balcony, and ship.

I was simply amazed! Sitting in the library, seeing all the books, having that old feel, to the spa, the grand stair case, and of course, our departure from the port and ensuring we get a good spot to wave people goodbye and have a cocktail or warm tea.

I quickly learned that each night, a schedule for the following day would be placed on your bed during the turn-down service, and since we were going West to East, each night, we would lose an hour of sleep as the clocks would more ahead each night to align us for our arrival in South Hampton. (I've yet to get those hours back for the return!!!)

I love to explore, so I quickly found a few spots I could settle down and do some school work that I had to do for the week, and quickly became friends with several stewards on the ship.

Food was luxurious, nearly had to not eat as I would gain some weight....but each day was filled with Spas, massages, pool, food, drinks, shows, and just relaxing.

I'm going to stop for now....maybe I'll see if I can add pictures from the Crossing at some point.

Until next time,

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